A Notary Public Or Public Notary

In this article, I’ll be discussing what exactly is a Notary Public in Ontario. A Notary Public is definitely someone targeted as such to offer reputable reputation to sure government or non-public transactions or files. As constantly, we start with the permitting legislation – in this case, the Notaries Act. That Act gives that an Ontario Barrister and Solicitor can mechanically come to be a Notary Public. After getting referred to as to the Bar, I surely had to get an embosser, fill out a form, and pay a one-time price ($a hundred forty five) to the Ontario government.

Everyone else who desires to turn out to be a Notary Public must follow. To become a Public Notary (if you are not a lawyer), you want to be Canadian citizen. You also need to be to be had for exam and re-exam in regard to his or her qualification for the workplace of Notary Public by using a judge of the Superior Court of Justice (in the vicinity wherein she or he resides). The latter need to discover that the applicant is certified for the workplace and is needed for the public comfort within the location wherein the applicant is living and intends to hold on commercial enterprise. This is all protected below s. 2 of the Act. Finally, that person ought to reap an embosser (about $60) and pay a one-time fee to the Ontario government ($one hundred ten).

The power of the Notary Public is about out in ss. 2(2) and three of the Act. Generally, if the Notary Public isn’t always a attorney, then he or she may have regulations imposed upon them.

Some of the types of transactions and documents which a Notary Public can help you with includes:

  • Administering or commissioning oaths
  • Taking affidavits, affirmations, acknowledgments, or declarations
  • Certifying documents as actual copies
  • Assisting with certain immigration files (e.G. Passport application, permanent residence card application, consent to travel documentation, and many others.).

Section five of the Act presents that a Notary Public want not affix their seal to an oath, affidavit or assertion for it to be valid.

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